Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gumnut baby!!!

Today I had to have some photos taken for the new Nice Folk album cover art. I felt i needed to wear a hat, and settled on this one. Whilst I may look very much like a gumnut baby,  the hat looks less so from the side, with a cute bow. This particular hat I'm sorry to say is looking a little shabby...but I like to think i'm bringing the moth-eaten look back into fashion. 

I really hope that feminine hats for everyday wear come back into fashion. While I do love my old vintage ones, it would be nice to see some new takes on ladies hats, and not just in high-end fashion stores, but more accessible shops also for those on a more modest me.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just a lonely saturday night.

No...i lie. I'm not lonely, but it is Saturday night, and the title sounded let's run with it for now. 

I'm starting this blog mainly so i can look back in a few years time and say " be young and free of inhibitions". Or alternatively, "What was I thinking!!!!" So to start with, here's what i wore today.

This crazy coat was an ebay purchase. It's a vintage piece from Bob Mackie's "wearable art" collection. As silly as it may be, it is perhaps the best quality garment i own. Really, the finishing on it is unbelievable, and it's really nice silk. I think you've got to really appreciate it in the flesh.

I had intended to go out with the sole purpose of going to the doctors for a script, but there was a 2 and a half hour wait which prompted me to go explore the local op-shops where i found this lovely 70's lace dress. I apologise for the "squat" photos, but i'm only just getting the hang of this self timer camera thing, and couldn't find a way to fit my full profile in to the shot...that is unless i squatted. I'm wearing my look alike chloe lace-up ankle boots with the dress. I think they help give the outfit a bit of a victorian doll vibe. I found some other great pieces at the op shop, which I'm sure will be featured at some point...look out for my new elephant top (much more subdued than my zebra top). Maybe i'll start a native african animal collection...or maybe I already subconsciously have. Stay tuned...