Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Every time I see interior design spreads of beautiful minimalistic homes (and lets face it, they're almost always minimal), I feel a sense of awe and unattainability. For as much as I admire these perfect white abodes, they're just not me. I'm a hoarder through and through, I get attached to old "stuff", and I can't seem to enter and leave a room without it looking significantly more messy afterwards.

When I saw the following interior shots on photographer Douglas Friedman's website I had my first "I could totally achieve that" interior design moment.

I love that it kind of feels like a museum - albeit a very accessible one. The pops of red on the wooden trims, and the turquoise ceiling are fun, kitsch and welcoming - a pleasant change from the often austere, stark white places which are so often featured. I can't wait to move out of a rented apartment so i can work my magic on my own space!


To me, Francoise Hardy embodies the notion of "effortlessly cool" style.

And her music is awesome too. If you're looking for an introduction, Vol. 1 (1962-1968) is a pretty good starting point. I have a particular soft spot for the track "voila" at the moment - such a beautiful melody - the chorus gives me goosebumps.