Monday, April 20, 2009

Experimenting with bleach Part 1.

Like any cautious D.I.Y-er, I did my research and tried a sample from Lax's old jeans before jumping in the deep end with my bleached jeans project inspired by seaofghosts.comThe sample went swimmingly. So you can imagine my surprise when my jeans turned out like this:

My second attempt with a different pair of jeans was a little less of a shock, and in my opinion a more successful outcome. Just goes to show what the individual denim can make. Now that I have no black jeans left, I am on the lookout for some more cheap ones. I am determined to get the desired finish, like in my first sample.
DIY jeans worn with old Pixies t-shirt, vintage gold embroidered bolero and 70's brogues.

Love Kaylene

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