Monday, August 10, 2009

Photos from marking day...Such relief!!!

Unfortunately I can't post bigger photos, and don't have a better camera, but these are a couple of snaps from marking today. I think you can see a a better size if you click on the picture.

Hope you like it, and if not I'm not sure i want to know.

Love from Kaylene xo

*edit* Just to let you know, the brief stipulated that we design an outfit inspired by active sportswear, (I chose motocross), and then include an embellished cultural piece somewhere in the outfit. Hopefully that will clear up why it looks like  sci-fi bollywood get-up. :)


Bianca and Isabella said...

simply amazing.

the crumpet girls

Kat George said...

Two questions

a) Can I buy the dress off you slash pay you to make me one?

b) Can I please post about this on my blog? Send me some more info about what you do etc



FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Wow, so amazing in love with this dress!

chloe said...

how cool, an outfit inspired by motocross! i always love the sticker'd and logo'd suits the riders wear, in fact the motocross scene was my favourite part of the charlie's angels movie!
great project and awesome outfit, i really like the jacket! x

Jeepers Keepers said...

wow k i never saw your first individual, which is clearly my loss as it is INCREDIBLE!!!! thanks to your blog i am now aware of its existance and my life is complete. haha
see you in class,
x ella