Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Every time I see interior design spreads of beautiful minimalistic homes (and lets face it, they're almost always minimal), I feel a sense of awe and unattainability. For as much as I admire these perfect white abodes, they're just not me. I'm a hoarder through and through, I get attached to old "stuff", and I can't seem to enter and leave a room without it looking significantly more messy afterwards.

When I saw the following interior shots on photographer Douglas Friedman's website I had my first "I could totally achieve that" interior design moment.

I love that it kind of feels like a museum - albeit a very accessible one. The pops of red on the wooden trims, and the turquoise ceiling are fun, kitsch and welcoming - a pleasant change from the often austere, stark white places which are so often featured. I can't wait to move out of a rented apartment so i can work my magic on my own space!

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