Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Touch me I'm sick! No really...I am.

I found this awesome suede and leather top the other day, it's kinda big and boxy (being leather), but i can see lots of potential  for it.
Such a rich blue!
And great subtle details too.
Who is that strange man behind me interrupting my attempt at a serious photo, you ask? Well that would be the one and only Lax Charisma (my fianc√©) in his jim jams. He was disappointed that he's never featured in the blog, only mentioned in passing like a mythic character. 

-Love Kaylene

Oh....and you simply must listen to this Rolling Stones song, "Emotional Rescue". I love it when the stones do disco. This is the shorter version, but it has a much less epileptic fit-inducing video clip than the full length version.

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