Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marking Day - TAILORING

Brief: design a 3 piece tailored outfit using a major or minor greyscale colour palette, and influenced by both an organic structure and a modern object.


This is a picture of the shirt before it was finished, but it gives you a slightly better view of what's going on. Hope you enjoy!


lucinda said...

These are your designs? That shirt is stunning!

Lenne said...

Okay I'm going to sound like I'm ripping off Lucinda's comments but: Did you design these?! They're amazing!

P.S I think Francoise Hardy is gorgeous!

Captain Special K said...

Thanks so much. Yes, they are my designs. Pity i didn't get any better photos, but i will try to do so further down the track.

Phuong said...

looks really nice

james said...

the shirt is fabulous!