Sunday, March 22, 2009

Appreciation from afar.

Centine and I are very similar on many levels. We often find ourselves unknowingly lusting after the same clothing. We have very similar humour, and both appreciate soy chai lattes and op shopping. When it comes to matters of beach appreciation, I'm afraid we could not be more opposite. The closest i've come to a beach all summer is sitting here in my sunroom (at night=no sun) reading Centine's wollongong beach appreciation post. I too am a (ex) Wollongong-ian girl, alas, my white/near transparent skin is highly allergic to all things beach/sun related. I fully intend to follow gloomy weather around the world once I have the funds...and don't be concerned, I'll take vitamin D to compensate for lack of natural sunlight.

In my eternal quest for zero sunshine (and when I acquire aforementioned funds), I will hide my skin under the amazing designs of Hiroko Koshino.
SS 2009

And the following are from her most recent AW 09-10 collection:

This makes me want to wear more crushed velvet!

The traditional Japanese influence seems like a bit of an obvious one...but hey...I'm all for embracing heritage when the results turn out this good. 

-Love Kaylene

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