Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Music Revisited - The Raincoats

Lately I've been revisiting a lot of my favourite bands and albums from when I was in my teens. Today has been all about The Raincoats - one of the first all female post punk bands. 

Their sound was distinctly minimalist, punctuated by punchy and John Cale-esque violin playing.
It was not uncommon for their songs to spiral out of control and descend into chaos, only to be directly followed by the most serene and moving of instrumental sections that could parallel more recent bands like Sigur Rós.

Their first two albums are completely flawless. Check them out!
The Raincoats - 1980 (recorded 1979)

Odyshape - 1981

And don't you just love their album artwork?

-Love Kaylene

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